At the booth: an exciting new product launch, scale models of instruments, and some suitably brain-teasing challenges for our audience.

The WMIC Lowdown from Seoul, Korea

A big thanks to everyone who joined us in Seoul, Korea for a very pleasant and suitably busy World Molecular Imaging Congress.

For 2014 we had wonderful weather, a great convention centre with plenty of space and a busy booth that featured an exciting new product launch, a display of scale models of instruments, and some suitably brain-teasing challenges for our audience.

It started with the coolest welcome at the opening ceremony on Wednesday, in the form of a stunning ice sculpture (yes, we took a photo!).



The Bruker Industry Workshop “An Eye on the Future of Imaging: Combining Cutting-edge Multimodal Technologies to Revolutionize Translational Research” was very well attended with over 200 attendees.

Everyone enjoyed some excellent refreshments and the unique opportunity to hear, in one place, three leading talks from key industry thought leaders who presented their latest methods and results.


Our special thanks to all who joined and, of course, to our special guest speakers, Prof. Ian Brereton, Director at the Centre for Advanced Imaging, University of Queensland, Australia; Prof. Hidehiro Iida, Director of Department of Investigative Radiology, National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center Research Institute, Osaka, Japan; and Dr. Ir. Greetje Vande Velde, Biomedical MRI Unit and MoSAIC, KU Leuven, Belgium.



At the Booth delegates were the first to see the world’s fastest, low dose, high resolution micro-CT scanner, the amazing SKYSCAN 1278. The pictures need to be seen to be believed!

Popping by the booth would have got you a first look at the new system, and some live demonstrations including peering inside a chilli pepper.


Also on the booth were 1:5 scale models of our cutting edge Albira, In Vivo Xtreme and ICON instruments, showcasing the unmatched range of imaging modalities. The booth was also the place to see the first images from the new MPI Preclinical scanner, that can take three-dimensional images at millisecond intervals, providing the potential for real-time 3D imaging in vivo

Plenty of you also tried your hand at our Daily Brainteasers. With one each day everyone had 3 chances to win a handy large-pocket-sized iPad mini. The daily anagrams were quite tricky, even with the clues and letters in front of you! Thanks for joining in!

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