Using NMR-based Translational Research to Develop In Vitro Diagnostics

NMR-based Translational Research Develops In Vitro Diagnostics

Our free 45 minute webinar is finished but is still available for review. Visit our webinar page and sign in to watch it at your leisure and access a downloadable pdf of the slides.

Seminar Overview
With the cost of health care rising rapidly due to ever increasing life expectancy and changes in life style, technologies and methods need to be developed that will enable:

  • Early prediction of disease development
  • Recognize disease stages to decide on treatment
  • Predict the response of a patient to treatment
  • Optimize personalized medicine
  • Phenotyping of the population to recognize people with prevalence to develop certain diseases
  • Direct operation support by rapid NMR measurement


What you will learn
During this educational webinar, you will learn about the requirements and the performance of the NMR approach, which is now a complete push-button solution, for example, in inborn error screening. Various case studies will be included, since there are already dedicated NMR platforms in the hospital in test.



Who Should Attend

  • Everybody working on health or disease related research and diagnostics
  • Scientists working in the medical field
  • Medical doctors
  • Specialists from the pharma industry
  • Health insurance companies

Dr. Manfred Spraul – Director Business and Applied NMR method development
Dr. Claire Cannet –  Applied NMR application & development

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