Preclinical Imaging Educational Webinar

Elevate Your Art, Improve Your Results with ParaVision 6

“ February 27 2014 - Join us for a Free Preclinical Imaging Educational Webinar - Morning and Afternoon Sessions Are Available”


Register now for our 45-minute webinar and discover how ParaVision 6 can take your imaging to the next level.

Following the huge upsurge in interest in bringing imaging to new and wider areas of research, Bruker is not only seeking to support new multimodality approaches through its instrument portfolio, but has also completely redesigned its preclinical MRI software to offer enhanced productivity and multi-platform capability.

A newly revised intuitive workflow and easier parameter handling means ParaVision’s new benefits can be enjoyed by both the accomplished expert and routine users. Designed with preclinical imaging in mind, it has lowered the learning curve for biomedical researchers new to MRI.

What you will learn

The most advanced method development options will be presented:

  • Extensive set of routine and advanced imaging sequences
  • Seamless integration of parallel transmission techniques
  • Unique, integrated field map-based shimming procedure
  • How to enable dynamic adjustment of parameters before scanning
  • Integration of navigator scans
  • Benefits of on-the-fly pulse generation for optimum slice profiles
  • Improved reliability of the MRI system with automatic hardware recognition

Who Should Attend

  • Everybody working with preclinical MRI scanners
  • Scientists working in the field of preclinical imaging, and MRI in particular
  • Medical technical assistants for MRI scanners
  • Operators for preclinical CRO’s

Our Presenters
Dr. Tim Wokrina – Product Manager
Dr. Franek Hennel – Head of Method Development
Dr. Andrew Lonergan – Regional Distribution Manager – Preclinical Imaging

Thursday, February 27 – Register for Either Session

Session 1 – 10:00 AM Berlin / 2:30 PM New Delhi / 5:00 PM Beijing

Session 2
– 8:00 AM San Francisco / 11:00 AM Boston / 5:00 PM Berlin

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