Considerations When Setting Up A Preclinical Imaging Lab

There are many factors to consider when setting up a preclinical imaging laboratory, including the specific imaging systems in the laboratory and anticipated workflow of studies that will be made. Safety and regulatory requirements may dictate some aspects of the lab set-up while others are intended to facilitate day-to-day laboratory productivity. Some considerations are common regardless of modality, such as animal care and animal handling. This is partially related to safe and precise anesthesia delivery and animal transport.

This document provides an introduction to all such considerations, highlighting: general site requirements, system and software considerations, imaging accessory requirements, animal care solutions and training and personnel considerations for setting up single modality and multimodality preclinical imaging laboratories.


Site requirements and recommendations for specific imaging systems can be further supported by your system specific support personnel. Details on system installations, clearance and weight tolerance requirements will be made available. For systems that require detailed considerations for room engineering, including heat sinks and shielding, etc., it is advisable that facilities and/or contract engineers be consulted at the earliest stages of the facility design. For systems that use or produce ionizing radiation, institutional, local, and national agency guidelines should be considered.

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