Rat Brain Fiber Tracking

World’s First MRI CryoProbe for Rats: Those Amazing Images!

“The world's first CryoProbe for preclinical imaging of rats. The 4 Channel Phased Array MRI CryoProbe™ for the rat brain is already producing unimagined images capable of bringing new insights to drive preclinical research to new levels”

A new innovation is helping to take in vivo neuroimaging to new levels of sensitivity enabling amazing increases in spatial resolution or dramatic reductions in imaging times.

Delivering unparalleled access to rat brain microstructure and biochemistry, previously unresolvable in in vivo imaging of the rat, a new Phased Array MRI CryoProbe offers researchers a sensitivity increase by up to a factor of 2.4 allowing them to reduce imaging times by a factor of 5, or increase resolution.

In Vivo Rat Brain with 60 µm Resolution at 9.4 Tesla with the World’s First Rat MRI CryoProbe, Acquisition details: FLASH, TE: 9 ms, TR: 50 ms, FA: 20°FOV: (2.56 × 1.80 × 1.40) cm3, resolution: (60 × 60 × 120) µm3, scan time: 58 min 30 s

The first customers are already delighted with possibilities. Dr. Wolfgang Weber-Fahr, PI of the Translational Imaging Group at ZI Mannheim, commented: “We are very excited to work with this new Phased Array MRI CryoProbe technology and will benefit from the multi-channel array technology that it uses”.

He continued, “This will allow us to push the boundaries of what is possible with MRI and MRS in rat imaging in the years to come. The close collaboration with Bruker will allow us to remain state-of-the-art with our MR hardware and software, and to explore novel preclinical imaging technologies.”

High resolution rat brain anatomical imaging with the Unique MRI Rat CryoProbe, Acquisition details: TurboRARE, TR: 2200 ms, TE: 33 ms, FOV: (2.56 × 2.56) cm2, resolution: (50 × 50) µm2, slice thickness: 500 µm, scan time: 21 min 8 s

The 400 MHz Phased Array MRI CryoProbe is based on cryogenically-cooled, 4 channel array, RF coil technology that provides a combination of high sensitivity imaging and parallel acquisition capabilities for maximum imaging speed and highest spatial resolution in 9.4 Tesla BioSpec® systems.

This cutting-edge technology provides unrivaled delineation of key information directly relevant to the early diagnosis of diseases, based on the in vivo detection of microscopic anatomical and functional abnormalities in small animals.

Integrating seamlessly with ParaVision® 6 software, preclinical imaging researchers will benefit from a vast new world of choice in imaging protocols and experimental capabilities.

Routine imaging environments will also benefit from hardware recognition, and automatic tuning and matching for optimum performance and productivity.

A corresponding CryoPlatform will supply cold Helium gas via a closed loop circuit, eliminating the need for handling cryogens.

Patented temperature shielding technology also guarantees safe operation and optimal performance.

Bruker is the pioneer and world leader in the development of cryogenically-cooled probes for high-resolution NMR, with over 1300 units sold worldwide in the last ten years. That expertise and foresight has been transferred successfully to the MRI CryoProbe, and in just the last few years, around 60 of these unique MRI coils have been successfully installed around the world.

With MRI CryoProbe preclinical technology having already proven an exceptional success in neuro and cardio preclinical imaging of mice applications, this extension to rat brain imaging will deliver new insights into neurodegenerative disease in rat models, far beyond what is possible today.

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