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An Eye on Design: Users’ Meeting Inspires Innovation at ISMRM, Milan

“Let's start with a big thank you to everyone who joined in the Users' Meeting at the unique Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Italy during the 2104 ISMRM Meeting”

Enjoying valuable downtime at ISMRM

Enjoying valuable downtime at ISMRM

Bruker’s booth and hospitality at this year’s ISMRM hopefully gave everyone a moment to pause, to relax in good company, even enjoy some good food and wine, and hopefully inspire some different thinking thanks to the stimulating location of our Users’ event.

At the booth

The fun started at the booth with our quiz and raffle draw. Delegates had the opportunity to ‘Guess the Species’ as several scans of animals taken on the ICON compact MRI scanner were displayed as part of the daily quiz.

Live MRI scans at the conference on the ICON

Live MRI scans at the conference on the ICON

The live demonstrations on the conference floor attracted a lot of interest – and guessing some of the animals proved quite a challenge.

'Guess the Species', not as easy as it looks!

‘Guess the Species’, not as easy as it looks!

The quiz attracted a huge amount of entry forms – they were being dropped into the prize box right down to the last minute.


On the day a number of new ipads were happily given away to the draw winners.

The delighted and gobsmacked winner of a brand new ipad!

The delighted and gobsmacked winner of a brand new ipad!

MRI Users’ Event

On Monday night, as ISMRM 2014 was being held in Milan, Italy, Bruker welcomed its Users’ Meeting guests in the cool, stimulating setting of the Triennale Design Museum, renowned for its unusual, thought-provoking exhibits.

After everyone had stopped by the booth earlier in the day to pick up their VIP ticket, there were just a handful remaining for those who hadn’t managed to register online. And they were gone within minutes of the first bus appearing.

The shuttle buses were fully packed for the short, 10 minute ride through downtown Milan to reach the museum. Participants were met with our welcome mixer, giving plenty of time for the huge number of attendees (425 users in all) to safely arrive at the Museum.

Wulf Jung kicks off the evening

Wulf Jung kicks off the evening

Wulf Jung, President of the Preclinical Imaging Division, welcomed everybody and introduced, in a surprise visit, Bruker’s CEO, Frank Laukien, who gave a short presentation on the recent exciting innovations that Bruker has introduced at the 2014 ISMRM meeting.

Frank Laukien shares Bruker's new innovations

Frank Laukien shares Bruker’s new innovations

Introducing the new rat MRI CryoProbeTM, and new upgrade and transition programs, Frank also proudly presented the first amazing images acquired on the BioSpec system at 21 Tesla, the world’s highest magnetic field available for preclinical imaging.


With a very packed room the presentation was kept brief and succinct, leaving time for the bar to open, rapidly followed by the grand buffet.

Featuring some of the finest Italian cuisine in bite-size portions, the buffet was appreciated by all, with everyone trying a bit of everything! Not forgetting the wonderful choice of desserts to round things off!


This was thus the beginning of a long, rewarding evening of shared time with all our peers, colleagues and friends… making it one of the one of the most memorable evenings of this ISMRM. People gathered in the rooms, the bar area, the balcony, the stairs… and then came time for an exploration of the unusual and intriguing design pieces on display throughout the museum.

The present focus for the Design Museum is three crucial design periods, periods in history of significant economic depression; namely the thirties, the seventies and the noughties. Why? Because it has long been recognized that a period of economic crisis is a direct stimulus for creativity, for different ways of thinking.

‘Thinking differently’ is the true birthplace of innovation, not just for Bruker’s own design and development but also for our imaging customer’s passion for creative invention. Hopefully the very different and diverse works on show inspired us all to ‘think differently’ during our own current time of economic pressures and concern.

Unusual but stimulating exhibits

Unusual but stimulating exhibits

Maybe the exhibits were the icing on the cake, or maybe it was just the fantastic combination of company, food, drink, music, atmosphere, and even weather that brought out our shared passions and shared challenges.

It was simply a great party, a great evening, an evening that we didn’t want to end. Pushing the shuttle bus schedule back by an hour, from 10pm to 11pm, still left us wanting more!

Just a little longer, please!

Just a little longer, please!

So, to our always friendly users, we say a big ‘Thank You’, and look forward to 2015 for another evening of good times together in Toronto.

We’ve added a cool video of the whole evening so watch it on right now!
Don’t forget to check out our photo gallery.

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