The Night When Brains Were Glowing

“September 14, 2015 - the night the brains were glowing at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine!”

Distinguished guests attended the grand opening of the magnetic resonance imaging center, housed in a newly refurbished space at the School of Medicine’s Laboratory for Regenerative Neuroscience. The center features a Bruker 7T preclinical MRI instrument, which will be used for research of brain regeneration after stroke, and was purchased as part of the Glowbrain project.

Glowbrain is a three-year project dedicated to enabling scientists in Croatia to investigate stem cells and track them during brain damage repair preclinical studies. The project includes renowned scientists from countries across the European Union who contribute their expertise in stem cell research, biomaterials and preclinical imaging. The project has several important goals, one of which is to reverse “brain drain” into “brain gain” by attracting top scientific talent to Croatia. For more information about Glowbrain click here.

Photo gallery of The Night The Brains Are Glowing

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