Bruker's Innovation Night at ISMRM 2015 at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto
Bruker's Innovation Night at ISMRM 2015 at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

Bruker at ISMRM 2015 – Stay Tuned For The Future of Preclinical Imaging

ISMRM 2015
Toronto is Canada’s largest city and this beautiful, cosmopolitan municipality was the perfect backdrop to ISMRM and its ongoing mission of “One community for clinicians and scientists”. With mild temperatures all week delegates were able to pause, take in some fresh air and jump back in the sessions rejuvenated.

At The Booth


Bruker’s booth was a hub of activity, stimulated by our quiz and raffle draw. Delegates’ knowledge of not only MRI but other modalities was put to the test in our daily challenge. Many of you stopped by each day, ready to accept the challenge and demonstrate your extensive knowledge. Or was it the chance to win a FitBit, GoPro camera or an iPad that brought out the competitive spirit we saw each day?

The Challenge
Here is Monday’s question, how many of you know the answer? This image illustrates fluorescent multispectral unmixing of Alexa Fluor® 680 and CMI X-Sight 761 bolus injections in a mouse model.


Two of the following outcomes are obtained by such multispectral unmixing. Which result is not?

(a) Fluorescent ROI signal intensities are increased
(b) Systemic distributions of multiple probes can be determined
(c) Therapeutic pharmacodynamics of multiple drugs can be evaluated

 PCI Night


On Monday night, Bruker welcomed guests to the extraordinary Royal Ontario

Museum for an evening of socializing and relaxing. The ROM is a premier cultural destination and one of the world’s leading museums of natural history and world culture. Striving to bring insights into how the earth and its culture have evolved, and recognizing that nature and humanity are intertwined, the ROM’s mission is to provide glimpse into how today’s changes will shape the world of tomorrow.

That theme was picked up by Wulf Jung, President of the Preclinical Imaging Division, who shared his thoughts on the changes occurring at Bruker and how those changes will shape the future of preclinical imaging technology. Speaking informally (no slides!), Wulf delivered his vision for the future of Bruker and invited guests to “stay tuned”.

The future of preclinical imaging, on the walls of the Royal Ontario Museum!

Guests didn’t have to stay tuned for long, for food that is, as an enticing buffet was served and the bar was open for business. Guests had the pleasure of visiting several galleries reserved for their exclusive viewing, including of course exhibits focusing on the cultural heritage of Canada. The intriguing artifacts gave visitors a better understanding of the history of this unique country and a deeper appreciation of its wonderful inhabitants!

Hockey in Canada? Of course!

As we bid farewell to Toronto and ISMRM, we extend our warm gratitude to all who visited us in the booth, at our event, and in the halls and lecture rooms. It was a pleasure to catch up and hear the latest news in magnetic resonance imaging. See you in Singapore!

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