Next Generation of PET Imaging Based on SiPM Detectors and Continuous Crystals

In vivo imaging technologies are at the core of advanced preclinical research. Understanding dynamic biological processes, gene expression, enzyme and protein activity, progression and treatment of diseases, biodistribution, pharmacodynamics or pharmacokinetics of new drugs in repeatable, longitudinal studies is building a better future for everyone.

PET imaging is at the forefront of this revolution, and Albira Si, the first commercial SiPM-based PET, is delivering the promise of this technology with Full Field of View Accuracy (FFA) in imaging and quantification.

Full Field Accuracy (FFA)

FFA offers real, homogeneous sub-millimetric volumetric PET resolution in all three axes in the whole field of view, with superior precision in quantification based on: Exclusive continuous crystal detectors with new SiPM technology and true depth of interaction 3D precision equivalent to 10+ layer pixelated crystal detectors.

Virtual pixels optimizing very fast, low dose, maximum sensitivity studies and allowing software based performance upgrades Proprietary electronics and software with row and column readout, enabling advanced depth-of-interaction measurement and correction.

This patented technology generates an area of optimum resolution up to 10 times larger than conventional options.

In this technical note, the design and performance characterization of the Albira Si PET is presented. Two systems have been evaluated: a single ring with a 46 mm axial FOV and a triple ring with a 148 mm axial FOV. Both designs have an 80 mm transaxial FOV. The design will allow the PET detector to be located in-line with either MRI or uCT as well as supporting simultaneous PET-MR imaging. Download the full technical note to learn more.


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