Metabolomics VIP Day on Bruker’s Billerica campus

Bruker’s Billerica campus was the site of a Metabolomics VIP Day, a joint effort between our mass spectrometry and NMR colleagues. This one-day workshop was geared towards scientists performing, or are interested in performing, metabolomics research. Featuring a mix of talks and hands-on demos, the intimate gathering was a great venue for discussion and sharing ideas.

Guest speakers included Zhendong Li from the University of Alberta in Canada speaking about his work on method development and Tim Bugni from the University of Wisconsin-Madison discussing new antibiotics from natural plant sources such as marine sponges.

BioSpin colleague and past contributor to Kim Colson presented work on the identification and authentication of black cohosh using NMR and MS metabolic profiling. In this study, 130 samples from various sources were studied using NMR and MS and results were compared with those of DNA barcoding. The complementary techniques of NMR and MS for non-targeted metabolomics proved to be a thorough and powerful combination which detected a wider range of metabolites and can be used in product development as well as quality control. For more information, be sure to register for our webinar on this topic!

Following the presentations, guests were treated to lunch and a little networking time before heading to the demo lab to check out the latest software tools and instrumentation. The day was rounded out by a tour of our campus and for the first time in a long New England winter the weather cooperated!


A special thanks to our guest speakers for graciously sharing their work, and to attendees who spent the day with us. We were so pleased to host this event and its success was a direct result of your participation.

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