The busy Symposium sessions in the decorative Salieri Room

Imaging a Multimodal Future; Bruker Exclusive at EMIM

“The 9th annual meeting of the European Molecular Imaging Meeting (EMIM) took place in Antwerp last week. Held by the European Society for Molecular Imaging the meeting focuses the society's efforts towards the validation of imaging technologies and multimodality imaging biomarkers in the life sciences, and the use of innovative imaging methods to support basic and clinical research.”

The EMIM conference in Antwerp last week was the ideal platform for Bruker’s innovations in imaging, especially in advancing multimodality. Bruker’s Breakfast Symposium also provided a platform for the many customers at the cutting edge of translating this science into clinical applications in diagnostics and therapy.

EMIM 2014 was thus the perfect opportunity to gather together a group of exceptional scientists in preclinical and molecular imaging to share exclusive updates on their most recent research at a special Breakfast Symposium.

“An Eye on the Future of Imaging” addressed how research applications in oncology, neurology, inflammation, cardiology and infectious diseases can now exploit the complete range of imaging modalities in single or multimodality setup.

The symposium sessions certainly took the lead in attendance with so many delegates keen to explore how preclinical imaging is dramatically increasing the efficiency and pace of drug discovery and development, and helping create more realistic models of human diseases.

Monitoring onset and progression of lung fibrosis in free-breathing mice with µCT, MRI… or both? Greetje Vande Velde of KU Leuven

Topics included: optical imaging in oncology; the development of new radiopharmaceutical imaging tracers; PET imaging of cardiovascular diseases; combining PET and MRI for preclinical research; ultra-high resolution microCT; lung disease imaging using microCT and MRI; cellular brain imaging using ultra-high field MRI; and direct imaging of proteins, peptides, lipids, metabolites and drugs in tissue using MALDI Mass Spectrometric Imaging.

We were delighted to welcome leading speakers from these fields including Ralf Bergmann, Helmholz-Zentrum; Sebastian Eigner, Prague; Selene Capitanio, Genoa; Thomas Wanek, Austrian Institute of Technology; Jeroen Hostens, Bruker µCT; Greetje Vande Velde, KU Leuven; and Mathias Hoehn, MPI for Neurological Research, Cologne.

The Bruker booth – facilities and information at the ready

The booth at EMIM was staffed by our friendly specialists and experts, in an altogether friendly exhibition area at the conference hall. The relaxed environment made for some enjoyable time discovering something new and meeting new faces.

Quarter-sized models of our imaging solutions

There was also some keen interest in our very practical, quarter size demonstration models – including our compact MRI system, ICON; Optical and X-ray system, Albira; and PET SPECT CT system, In Vivo Extreme.

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