Automated dose applicator for small laboratory animals

Hot Topic at WMIC 2015

In recent years various research applications have benefited from fully shielded multimodality imaging systems and the demand for GLP documented research is increasing, requiring standardized methods and applications. To meet those demands, Bruker has teamed up with collaborators from SKS Biotech Ltd., University of Pardubice and University Hospital Munster to develop a computerized, fully automated sequential syringe pump for simultaneous application of up to 4 animals including flush.

Details presented in a poster at WMIC 2015 describe a syringe pump consisting of two linear step engines and drive shafts in the mechanical part and dedicated electronics allowing for various application speeds including gradients and infusion of up to 30 min per 1 mL. The applicator can be preprogrammed or used with computer uplink. Various syringe holders for up to four 1mL syringes are available. For larger volumes the number of syringes is limited to 2 x 5 mL or up to 20 mL in a single syringe.

By installing 2 separate, synchronized drives on a single platform automated injection sequences of tracer/contrast agent followed by flushing the catheter are possible without a change of syringes. Pre-catheterized animals are connected to the array of syringes by V-connectors or 3-way-valves. For use in radionuclide imaging there is a shielded syringe holder consisting of up to 95% tungsten or lead.

For the application of MRI contrast agents, there are metal-free, hydraulic adapters which allow the positioning of the applicator unit outside the shielding of high field MRI systems. Maximum distance between the applicator unit and MRI animal bed is estimated to be 15 to 20 meter.

Initial tests of the system conducted by researchers showed much higher correlations between multiple applications (TACs) and in case of radiopharmaceuticals application drastically reduced dose exposure for the operator.

Special thanks to:

Eigner S1, Vejs L2, Rozsival P3, Waldeck J4, Eigner Henke K1

  • 1SKS Biotech Ltd.., Zitenicka 1894/5, 412 01Litomerice, Czech Republic
  • 2LAGET Ltd., Slancova 1261, 182 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic
  • 3University of Pardubice, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Pardubice, Czech Republic
  • 4University Hospital Münster, Institute for Clinical Radiology, Münster, Germany


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