Our 6 special visitors to our MRI facility in Germany

"Future Prospects for Girls’ Day", Bruker Germany

“Girls' Day, Future Prospects for Girls - is a nationwide campaign in Germany that presents a wide range of professions and activities to girls to positively influence their vocational choices.”

Girls’ Day is an ideal platform for Bruker to actively help change common attitudes towards vocational orientation.

Technical, engineering, physics and chemistry jobs are still dominated by boys, so Bruker welcomes the chance to help motivate girls to actively consider such careers.

Girls’ Day is a positive influence on the image of technology-related professions and helps participants to realistically estimate employment outlook, and get a taste of likely job content and working environments.

For this year’s Girls Day on April 25th, Bruker welcomed six girls (aged 13 or 14) to its BioSpin MRI facilities in Ettlingen for a packed programme of planned activities.



Starting with a comprehensive tour which covered the facilities and introduced the girls to everything from applications to product lines, the girls then enjoyed a very hands-on session of “building your first surface MRI coil”! This covered everything from soldering, the engineering work, to the final tuning and matching of the coil!

In the afternoon all six coils were then connected to a 7 Tesla BioSpec preclinical MRI system, which enabled the girls to acquire their first images. The experience gave them all the very unusual opportunity of seeing inside a selection of fruits and vegetables, from cherry tomatoes to kiwi fruit!

The girls all enjoyed their day and their great feedback illustrates both how successful, and simple, open encouragement can be.

Who knows, maybe one of our visitors will choose an occupation that sees them return to Bruker through study, internship or profession?

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